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What to wear - Thamer Photography

What To Wear

The guidelines on this page are for those who have no idea what to wear or if they should wear something in particular to a portrait session. Please keep in mind these are merely suggestions. Ultimately the decision for what to wear is up to you and regardless of what you wear, we promise your pictures will be great!

General Portrait Guidelines

Avoid wearing:

  • Busy patterns or stripes
  • Loud colors
  • Clothing with text or graphics
  • Hats

Consider wearing:

  • Solid colors
  • Temperature appropriate clothing
  • Coordinating/complementing colors with all members of your group

Outdoor Family Portraits

The style should be casual and not too dressy. Ladies, please avoid short skirts, long flowy ones are fine. We’ll probably have you sitting or even laying on the ground so wear something you are comfortable with in doing so. If it’s cold out bring jackets, hats, gloves and anything else you need to stay warm. You’ll wear them in between pictures. Jeans and a solid top are a great choice.

High School Seniors

It is our opinion that the senior should wear what they want to the session….within reason (sorry mom). Why? Because what they wear at this age represents who they are. If he or she dresses drastically different at the session from what they normally wear, it’s not them. Photography should capture who the person is, not who they are trying to be or someone they are not. With that said here are a couple tips. Girls should avoid wearing short skirts unless that is all they ever wear. Trying to appropriately pose a girl with a short skirt can be challenging. Guys, if you wear jeans and a t-shirt all the time, wear jeans and a t-shirt to the session. Just try to pick some ones that aren’t ripped ;-).

You may bring a change of clothes if you want. Keep in mind that when we are shooting outside on location it might be a little difficult to find a spot to change.